What is the Animal Image Makers™ Conference?

The Animal Image Makers™ conference brings together professional pet and animal photographers from all over the world for an unforgettable weekend of education, networking, and community.  Our speakers are among the best educators in this field which provides a one-of-a kind experience to help you become better in your craft while creating lasting relationships along the way--which is something you can’t find anywhere else.  The professional photographers who attend this event have a deep-rooted passion for animals that creates a unique energy unlike any other conference experience.  The love our attendees share for animals creates an instant bond.  Not only will you learn about photographing animals but you’ll also make lifelong friends.

Imagine yourself as part of the community.  How would that help you propel your business?

The Best Team Means the Best Events.

The team working with Animal Image Makers™ is made up of dedicated individuals who value their 4-legged counterparts and elevating the craft of pet and animal photography. Our forward, out-of-the-box thinking means the AIM experience is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We strive to focus not only on the business of animal photography but also the community of photographers. Previous AIM attendees have found interpersonal support,they now realize they have been craving, through this community.

You CAN Be Successful

If you have a desire to better yourself, your business, your art and your craft, these classes are for you. The difference between achieving success and simply dreaming about it from the sidelines; is taking action.

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