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Artful Images with Style

Our pets are a part of our families and I want to help take your pet portraits to the next level. I will share how I create images that bring pets & their people together in a more storytelling and impactful image.  I will discuss my process on planning the session, working with the client, styling the session and we'll do a live photoshoot to bring it all together. Annie Marie has earned the title of Minnesota Photographer of the Year in 2019 and 2020 as well as Minnesota Pet Photographer of the Year in 2020. "I am in my happy place. Life is good. My two gorgeous kids are  adults now and following their passions... nothing makes me happier than  the people they have become. I found my soulmate and look forward to  our adventures. God had a better plan for me than I had for myself...  made me wait... but it was worth it! I love chocolate... like a LOT. If I  could do anything I wanted and not care... I would pack up a van and  travel the country for a year. Then I would tackle getting to know the  world! I also love people watching, hockey, neighborhood cafes, old cars  and doing random acts of kindness. I want your photographs to make you laugh. Make you cry. Allow you to  remember the simple moments past. The ones that take your breath away.  The ones you thought you would forget. I am madly in love with the idea of creating images for you with depth, honesty, connection, expression and life.  I find the beauty in everyday life. I have over 25 years experience  in photography and running a studio. I am concentrating my "focus" and  style to create images that evoke emotion and tell stories. I am dedicated to shoot from the heart and trading in that perfectly posed photo for the one that is full of memory and meaning." Annie Marie has earned the title of Minnesota Photographer of the Year in 2019 and 2020 as well as Minnesota Pet Photographer of the Year in 2020. 

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The Traveling Pet Photographer

Get a behind-the-scenes look into Arica Dorff’s transition from owning a luxury retail studio to traveling across the country in her campervan doing pet photography road trips.  Arica will discuss her business model, pricing structure, the challenges and benefits of a mobile business, location scouting the day of portrait sessions, selling large wall portraits through remote ordering sessions, and growing her clientele nationwide.  Leave this class inspired and motivated to base your business model on the lifestyle you want to live - whether you have a retail studio, home studio or mobile business. "Hi!  I’m Arica Dorff and I’m a veteran pet photographer and pet painting  artist. I was born in Japan, raised in Hawaii, and moved to Las Vegas to  play softball for UNLV while earning my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Shortly after college, I discovered my love for photography  and opened a luxury pet & family photography studio. After nine  successful years as Las Vegas’ top pet photographer with the most amazing employees and clients, I transitioned from studio photographer to traveling pet photographer. Every fall, I offer portrait sessions around the country on my annual Pet Photography Road Trip.  On a typical road trip, my dog and I will  drive 12,000 miles through 30 states and shoot 45 family portrait sessions. My pup and I travel in our home on wheels - a Ford Transit campervan that I built out myself (with the help of a talented carpenter friend). When I’m not shooting portrait sessions in the fall, I enjoy working  remotely doing Pet Paintings.  My Pet Paintings are created using state of the art digital painting software. Every inch of the digital canvas is hand-painted with thousands of meticulous brush strokes. Most of my  Pet Paintings are created from clients cell phone images. I also create  custom pet paintings for professional pet photographers wanting to offer painted images to their portrait clients."

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It All Started with a Dog Named Harriet

Professional illustrator, Nancy Carlson, will share her journey as an author and illustrator of picture books which began with Harriet, a sweet and loveable golden retriever.  A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Nancy has spent her career of over 40 years of making art. Starting with illustrating picture books, to continuing her early practice of doing fine art in which she often uses animals in her imagery.  Nancy will also share the journey of her husband’s horrible form of dementia, called FTD, which she turned into a blog called Putting One Foot in Front of The Other. During this time, she began doing a daily doodle which she drew and posted for over 10 years! Nancy loves to teach kids and adults to draw so grab a pencil and paper and you can follow along at the end of her presentation. You will be left with inspiration and the knowledge of the importance your artwork has for you and others in your life. Nancy Carlson has written and illustrated more than 60 children’s books since 1979. Here is what the Publishers Weekly review said about Nancy’s book titled I LIKE ME : “The foundation of a healthy self-image, the cornerstone of a happy and successful life, is what Carlson’s work is all about.” In late fall 2012, Nancy heard two words from a neurologist that would rock the happy life she had created with her husband Barry McCool. Those words were frontotemporal dementia (FTD). So the journey with FTD began! What does an author and illustrator do when the family has no health insurance, is one rent check away from being homeless, has a husband swearing at her all day long and the IRS breathing down her back? She keeps creating! Nancy continued to do books, but she also created a blog called “Putting One Foot In Front of the Other.” Nancy is working on a graphic style memoir about her husbands FTD Journey. *You will be able to access and replay this course for 30 days from date of purchase.*

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Equine Photography for Pet Photographers

If you love to photograph small pets, you've probably wondered if you might also love to photograph horses. How different can it be? Well, it's actually a LOT different! Shelley Paulson, a full-time Equestrian Photographer, will help you get started photographing horses by sharing the knowledge she's gained in over 16 years of experience including understanding horse behavior, working safely around horses, best lenses to use, preparing horse and rider for the session, getting ears up, posing, and capturing the bond people share with their horses. "I believe in creating photographs for horse lovers who are looking for more than just pretty pictures; they want images with depth, emotional impact, and meaning. I believe in the power of photography to tell a story. Whether that  is the story of a brand or product, an editorial story or article, or a  personal story between an individual and their horse, quality, heartfelt photographs can move our hearts or compel us to action. This is a  business for me, but my passion for the craft of photography and for  photographing horses means I will never be neutral about the work I do.  What that means for my clients is they always get my best work, done  with the greatest of care. I believe in providing professional, yet personalized service to all  my clients which means I am committed to honesty, efficient communication, being on time, delivering what I promised (or more!), being flexible, and doing all things in a spirit of cooperation,  generosity, and kindness." *You will be able to access and replay this course for 30 days from date of purchase.*

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The Studio Pet Portrait

Creating pet portraits in the studio year-round that clients will cherish for years to come.  Using simple lighting and a few props, you will learn how to capture the unique personality of each pet that enters your studio. Lisa will share how she prepares her client and addresses their concerns before the session. You will learn how the pet is acclimated to the studio upon arrival. Lisa will also cover the poses, props, products, and themed sessions that she creates for her clients. Following a review of lighting patterns and lighting setups that she uses, you will watch Lisa as she photographs a dog and works through some of the challenges that can occur during a session. Based out of Coal Valley, Illinois, Lisa has been capturing the relationships and personalities of families and children with her camera since 2004. In 2013, Lisa began to focus on pet portraiture and her primary client now has fur and whiskers. Lisa creates portrait art of family pets, service and therapy dogs.  She also works with local animal shelters and rescues to provide images to assist them in finding homes for the animals. Lisa partners with several businesses and her pet portraits can be viewed throughout the Iowa/Illinois Quad Cities. Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree in Special Education, a Master’s Degree in Education and taught in the public school system for many years.  She continues to teach photography classes to both amateur and professional photographers covering a wide range of topics. Lisa has been awarded the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees. She is also certified through the Professional Photographers of America and has won numerous awards both at the state and international level. *You will be able to access and replay this course for 30 days from date of purchase.*

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Master Your Workflow

In this program you will learn tips and techniques to be more efficient in Lightroom. Everything from Import through Export. You will learn the best method for faster importing, using Keywords and Collections for hyper organizing, efficient culling, editing with Photoshop and other plugins and how to properly export your images and last but not least, proper backup techniques so you never lose your images. Dave is an award winning professional photographer. He was born and raised in Southern California. As a teen he developed an unwavering passion for photography as he was rolling and developing 35mm film. In 2009 Dave and his wife Regina began shooting weddings and families professionally. In 2013 Dave transitioned to retro style Pinup/Boudoir and launched LA Pinups. In 2019 they packed up and moved to the midwest. They settled in North Hudson, WI where Dave is continuing to photograph portraits, families, pets and commercial drone photography. Dave is an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom and Photoshop and assists other photographers in refining and speeding up their workflow. He is also a Certified Professional Photographer and holds a Photographic Craftsman degree with Professional Photographers of America. When he doesn’t have a camera in hand, Dave can be found boating and traveling with his wife, or playing with his best friends, his rescue dogs. An avid student of life, he strongly believes that we never stop learning on our journeys and we should make it a point to learn new things every single day. *You will be able to access and replay this course for 30 days from date of purchase.*

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Making Artistic Wildlife Photos

While technical execution of wildlife photography can be challenging, making evocative and artistic wildlife images is the ultimate goal of all wildlife photographers. In this presentation, world-renowned professional photographer Ian Plant will share some of his favorite techniques for creating artistic wildlife images. Ian will share his wildlife photos taken around the world, and discuss the core lighting and composition techniques he uses in the field.   Whether hanging over the rim of an active volcano, braving the elements to photograph critically-endangered species, or trekking deep into the wilderness to places most people will never see, world-renowned professional photographer Ian Plant travels the globe seeking out amazing  places and subjects in his never-ending quest to capture the beauty of  our world with his camera. Ian seeks out the hidden spaces in between  the familiar, relying on long exposures, unique lighting conditions,  non-traditional perspectives, and special natural events to show his  subjects in a new light. Known for his inspiring images and  single-minded dedication to creating the perfect photo, Ian has reached  hundreds of thousands of people around the world in his mission to  inspire and educate others in the art of photography. Ian is a frequent  contributor to many leading photo magazines, the author of numerous  books and instructional videos, and CEO of Shuttermonkeys, a site dedicated to photography education and inspiration. *You will be able to access and replay this course for 30 days from date of purchase.*

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Creating a Win-Win Calendar Fundraiser

Lisa Asp, owner of Tangerine House of Design in Edina, MN will share with you how to cash in on pet portraits with proven marketing techniques she has used to expand this very profitable area of her pet photography business. This seminar will cover the details of Lisa's successful "Pin-Up Pets" Fundraiser and the marketing techniques used to make this (and any portrait charity event) a successful one.  She has been doing this particular fundraiser for 15 years - first in CT for seven years and now in MN for the last eight years. In these eight years, she has raised approximately $82,000 for area rescues while bringing in business revenue in the slow months of the year. Lisa  Asp, M. Photog., M. Artist,Cr., CPP, grew up in Minnesota.  She moved to the east coast in 1998 and opened an upscale, retail photography  studio in Connecticut.  When her husband was offered a job in Minnesota, they jumped at the chance to move back near family & friends and  relocated in 2011.  After purchasing and renovating a house, Asp opened  "Tangerine House of Design", a full-time home-based studio, in Edina,  MN.  Pet photography had previously been a small part of her business  but took off at this point and became her niche market.  In 2019, Asp  moved back to a commercial space in Minneapolis. Lisa has won numerous awards for her work including five Kodak Gallery awards, Fuji  Masterpiece, Lexjet, PPA District First Place and GIA Second Place,  Diamond Photographer of the Year, and more.   Receiving  PPA “Photographer of the Year” status the last 9 years straight, Asp  has been named one of PPA's "Elite Plus" members.  She enjoys  volunteering her time with several pet rescues photographing their  adoptable animals, fostering and assisting in their fundraisers and food  drives.  Her love of animals has grown into wildlife (and landscape) photography and has teamed up with another photographer to launch “Inspire Photo Tours” – small group educational and photographic experiences to help others explore the world photographically.  She is a past president of the Twin Cities Professional Photography Association,  Founder and Director of the Animal Image Makers Conference, and a PPA Councilor. *You will be able to access and replay this course for 30 days from date of purchase.*

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